History of formation and development

JSC "MAXSUSENERGOGAZ" was founded on August 11, 1971 and is inextricably linked with the development and formation of the domestic oil and gas industry.

According to the order of 08/11/1971, No. 242 on the Main Directorate of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR for gasification and on the basis of the decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan and the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR of 07/06/1971, No. 296, the Republican Specialized Administration "UZORGGAZNALADKA" was organized under the Glavgaz of the UzSSR, on which was entrusted with control over the rational and efficient use of fuel in the national economy of the republic and the implementation of a complex of start-up and adjustment work on gas-consuming units and installations in the republic.

Over the 50-year period of work, MAXSUSENERGOGAZ JSC has made a worthy contribution to the development of the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In the 80s-90s, the Company took an active part in the commissioning of boiler equipment at many enterprises of the gas industry of the former USSR countries, such as the Astrakhan gas processing plant, fields in the Tyumen region, at compressor stations of the Bukhara-Ural gas pipeline, etc. ., having its structural divisions in g. Tashkent, Alma-Ata, Frunze and Ashgabat. The company has developed and implemented highly efficient fuel-burners for various technological purposes. This development was awarded the prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

The Company's specialists have taken, and are also taking an active part in the commissioning and repair work of technological installations and equipment, boiler houses and other structures of large enterprises of the oil and gas industry, such as the Mubarek GPP, Mubarek NGDU, Shurtan NGDU, Gazli NGDU, Ustyurt NGDU, Bukhara refinery, facilities of JSC "Uztransgaz", etc.

Currently, the Company's specialists provide technical support for the operation of technological equipment, such as gas-pumping units, turbo-expander units, compressors, power substations, boiler houses, pumping units, etc., as well as process control systems at various lower and upper levels.

JSC "MAXSUSENERGOGAZ" employs over 1100 people, including 38 managers, 272 engineers and technicians of high qualifications, 617 skilled workers in many specialties.

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