Development strategy

The main objectives of the joint-stock company's marketing strategy are aimed at ensuring profitable operation in constantly changing conditions, at the competitiveness of the joint-stock company in order to meet the interests of customers, maintain the public image, structure and quality of services, which creates conditions for the stability of business relations. JSC "MAXSUSENERGOGAZ" is a modern competitive high-tech company in the structure of the enterprises of NHK "UZBEKNEFTEGAZ", providing highly qualified services to enterprises of pipeline transport, oil and gas processing in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Specialists of the workshops of JSC "MAXSUSENERGOGAZ" are constantly searching for additional volumes of work to perform repair work at the facilities of the enterprises of NHK "UZBEKNEFTEGAZ".

The main priority of JSC "MAXSUSENERGOGAZ" is the high-quality provision of services with the use of modern technologies, devices and equipment.


Indicators Forecast (in millions of soums)
2017 y. 2018 y. 2019 y. 2020 y. 2021 y. 2022 y.
I The volume of products produced (heat energy and insulation film - polyene), works and services 83 950,00 85 004,90 86 128,80 88 301,70 90 715,90 93 286,96
  The volume of car services 2 967,00 3 056,00 3 422,70 3 936,10 4 526,60 5 205,69
  Maintenance volume of AK 1625,00 1820 2 038,40 2 283,00 2 556,90 2 863,80
II Производственная себестоимость 62 729,00 64 625,00 66 934,30 69 094,10 71 759,60 74 548,92
III Period expenses, incl. 22 516,80 21 903,30 21 248,50 21 967,20 22 528,80 23 122,47
  AUP expenses 2 164,00 2 272,10 2 385,70 2 505,10 2 630,40 2 762,05
  Other operating expenses 20 352,80 19 631,20 18 862,80 19 462,10 19 898,40 20 360,42
IV Financial expenses activities 275 302,5 332,7 366 402,6 442,89
V Other operations income, incl. 1 735,00 1 821,70 1 912,80 2 008,50 2 108,90 2 214,35
  short-term rental income 1 249,00 1 311,40 1 377,00 1 445,90 1 518,20 1 594,08
  Other income 486 510,3 535,8 562,6 590,7 620,27
VI General financial res-t before taxes 4 756,20 4 871,80 4 987,20 5 102,00 5 217,30 5 456,52
VII Net profit (loss) of the reporting period 3 973,00 4 070,80 4 168,40 4 265,50 4 363,00 4 565,95

In 2017, to create conditions and convenience, work will continue on the repair of individual offices in the administrative building of MAXSUSENERGOGAZ JSC and landscaping works on the basis of TBPO and MBPO.

In order to increase the volume of work and expand the range of services provided by MAXSUSENERGOGAZ JSC on the basis of production support in Tashkent, work has been completed on the arrangement of a place for installing equipment for the production of anti-corrosion insulation tape used to insulate the outer steel surface of pipelines during the construction and repair of underground gas and oil pipelines in order to protect them from corrosion at operating temperatures from -60 to 50°C, as well as its production and sale has been established.

The main consumers of these products are enterprises of the oil and gas industry, in particular UE "Transgazengineering", UE "Transgaztekhnikbutlash", DP "Urgenchtransgaz", enterprises of AK "O'zneftgazqazibchiqarish", LLC "Neftegazmontazh" , as well as enterprises of the chemical industry, utilities and water facilities.

Our insulating polyethylene tape "Polylene" is sold on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, i.e. on the domestic market.


Thus, the products of MAXSUSENERGOGAZ JSC, in addition to all high technical indicators, have a number of significant advantages associated not only with favorable terms of delivery and payment for a specific buyer, but also with certain positive factors associated with the reduction of government costs for the purchase of imported insulation materials, and timely delivery of insulation materials, which will largely eliminate the current supply delays and the shortage of quality insulation materials on the market.

Since 2017, MAXSUSENERGOGAZ JSC has been offering several new directions for its potential Customers of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  • in-line diagnostics (VTD);
  • assembly and installation of deep anode earthing switches and their overhaul;
  • development of design estimates for the construction of industrial facilities and complexes, including the design of their engineering networks and systems;
  • design, installation, adjustment, repair and maintenance of fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems.
Project of JSC "MAXSUSENERGOGAZ" for the implementation of services for the supply and installation of fire extinguishing modules

Also from the second half of 2016. JSC "MAXSUSENERGOGAZ" offers for its potential customers a new type of direction - services for the supply and installation of fire extinguishing modules "TUNGUS" produced by JSC "SOURCE PLUS" (Russia) in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as their further maintenance.

The service life of TUNGUS modules is 10 years, if the integrity of the membrane overlapping the spray nozzle is periodically inspected, and the presence of grounding. The module is designed both for extinguishing local fires and for extinguishing the entire premises in terms of area and volume.

TUNGUS modules have been installed and successfully operated in Uzbekistan at the following facilities:

  1. Fergana airport
  2. Navoi airport
  3. Megamarket of Andijan
  4. JSC "Thermoplast", Karshi
  5. JV "Uz-Kor Gaz Chemical" (R. Karakalpakstan)
  6. Bukhara refinery
  7. JV LLC "Indorama Kokand Textile"

It should be noted the high efficiency of extinguishing fires with TUNGUS modules, a high level of reliability, excellent spray length of the powder, speed and autonomy. It is safe, does not contain explosive pyrotechnic components, the temperature of the gas-powder mixture flowing out of the module is close to the ambient temperature, the module case does not collapse when triggered and can be reused.

MP "Tungus" can be used both outdoors and indoors. Provides effective extinguishing of fires in hard-to-reach places, or objects with complex geometric configuration. The powder fire extinguishing module is distinguished by the ability to orient the spray gun in space at any desired angle.

The introduction of Tungus fire extinguishing modules will improve the state of fire safety at enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

tungus 4 tungus 10

Explosion-proof Tungus-4 module

Tungus 10ST

For a deeper acquaintance, we present a video about the Tungus powder fire extinguishing module.

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